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Taetae ni Kiribati (or Gilbertese) is a Micronesian language spoken mainly in Kiribati, a country in the south pacific. Small number of speakers also reside in Fiji, Solomon Islands, New Zeland, Nauru and Tuvalu. Nearly all 120,000 Kiribati residents speak the Kiribati language and the literacy rate tops 97% of the population. According to WHO, "... from 3 January 2020 to .. 20 January 2022, there have been 37 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 0 deaths... As of 3 January 2022, a total of 111,686 vaccine doses have been administered." (


Interview Metadata (Please cite both when Kiribati data is referred to in your study.)

TIMEE, Tekonnang, Seunghun J. LEE, Liliana SANCHEZ, and Elena KOULIDOBROVA (2022) Kiribati Health Questionnaire Metadata (ICULD-0039), In: Colon-Rodrigues, Keyra and Jeff Imbaquingo (Eds.) International Christian University Working Papers in Linguistics 20: Health Questionnaire Digital Archive. Tokyo, Japan: International Christian University. pp. 1387. [LINK:]

Lee, Seunghun J., Daisuke Shinagawa, Elena Koulidobrova, Liliana Sanchez. 2022. Health Questionnaire Digital Archive (HealthQDA), Digital collection managed by Information Resources Center at Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. URL:

This database contains recordings of health questionnaire interviews in Kiribati.

  • All samples below are for illustrative purposes.
  • For citing the archival materials, use the interview metada information above.
  • Transcriptions of the interviews will be available here: [TBA]
  • Original recordings are available upon request. [Audio Request Form] (245.1MB)
ICULD ID Categories Size Duration (approximate) Description Last modified
0039-01 Kiribati Interviewee 01 (audio) 45.9 MB 47.50 mins Audio 2022.03.01
0039-02 Kiribati Interviewee 02 (audio) 55.6 MB 57.52 mins Audio 2022.03.01
0039-03 Kiribati Interviewee 03 (audio) 55.8 MB 58.05 mins Audio 2022.03.01
0039-04 Kiribati Interviewee 04 (audio) 61 MB 63.34 mins Audio 2022.03.01
0039-05 Kiribati Interviewee 05 (audio) 41.8 MB 43.34 mins Audio 2022.03.01

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